Brand Design and Strategy

Brand design and strategy is one of the most vital factors of any business, big or small. An effective brand design and strategy can provide you with a noteworthy advantage in the present highly competitive market. At Technology Aid Limited, we value our clients’ creative identities and provide solutions that synchronize with their tactical goals.

An effective brand strategy can exceed your anticipation. A brilliant brand strategy performs as a guiding light for the brand and every upcoming message. It also performs as a fair measure by which to assess work and make brand decisions. We walk you through the procedure of discovery, analysis, and aligning to accomplish the anticipated business outcomes.

Our branding specialists understand your brand’s aim, vision, values, audience, competition, etc. through in-depth explorations. These explorations are done to establish a great brand strategy suitable for your business. We also provide your brand with an authentic and iconic brand design with a thoughtful name and a timeless logo.


Why Should You Choose Us?


Brand Visual Identity

Your brand visual identity should be working for your company, not counter it. A brand’s visual identity is further than just a logo. It is the appearance of your brand, the steady benchmark your customers experience no matter where they are situated in the sales sequence, and the assurance your staffs provide to them.

The visual features that make a complete brand can leave a strong impression, and everybody knows first impressions are everything. Our branding experts work with our clients to eloquent their visual identity, logo design, brand representation, and modified iconography.


Brand Voice

A brand’s verbal language is very crucial as its visual language. We fix the correct tone to communicate with your audience to make effective campaign launches and a sincere bond between your brand and your audience.


Brand Guidelines

Photography and pictorial representation are also key tone-setter with brands. We research and create a complete Art Direction to work across every medium and platform. Digital, print, and television every work flawlessly under a strong Art Direction.