Data Entry

For maximum companies, data entry needs important resources and increases costs. The quality of captured data can also become an important matter. Data offers the capability to search for and validate the info contained within crucial backup documents. Having access to your info is just as good as the data you allocate to it.

Whether it is keying or verifying mined data, we get it accurate for you all the time. Technology Aid Limited delivers the most correct and scalable data entry service in Bangladesh. Our team of highly expert technical specialists designs and develops modified solutions for every project.

It is done to make sure that we handle your data entry requirements with speed, precision, and exceptional cost proficiency. Technology Aid Limited entries numerous characters of crucial indexing metadata manually and automatically, leveraging modified data entry and mining applications.


Why Should You Choose Us?



Our data entry procedures harness the complete value of info captured from documents. We deliver wide-ranging data entry services. These services include important fields of data supporting ERP and line of business systems, index data for quick and effective document search inside ECM or EDRMS systems, crucial process control data for agreement.

We also provide complete text entry using optical character recognition (OCR) for complete text search inside and all over documents.



We process documents in the structure of high-quality scanned images from our business-leading scanning procedure. Our expert data entry professionals access documents from programmed electronic files. Documents are entered on the first pass and then submitted again for a second pass for fast work distribution and double-blind important data entry. Data is entered into modified capture applications simplifying high-performance data entry of tough-to-read structures documents. Captured data goes through extra validation checks making the best use of data quality before submission to the clients.



Technology Aid Limited has established advanced production control and management software. We enable clients to look straight into the condition of their conversion projects. These projects start from receipting to image capture to data entry to quality control and lastly delivery, aiding clients managing their crucial projects.



Our services and controls meet or surpass business best practices. We follow controlling compliance for privacy and security such as PHIPA, FIPA, and HIPPA. Our team of specialists is also approved by the government to handle documents with high security.

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