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We all are busy in our lives and have our own priorities. Your valuable time, energy, and effort will be consumed if you put more of your attention into tedious and repetitive tasks. Being a savvy businessperson, you do not want to consume time on such jobs as others are able to do these things for you. You can then concentrate on priorities that help you achieve more success.


That is why you need virtual assistant services. Virtual assistant services are among the most popular services made by the outsourcing sector to companies all around the world. The global market for virtual assistants was worth USD 3.7 billion in 2019, growing at a 34% compound annual growth rate. In the following six years, it is predicted that demand for this service would increase quickly.


This growth is due to small and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals. They have busy schedules and frequently take virtual assistant services to minimize their workload and also carry out several day-to-day works of the business operation. Therefore, it will be natural for the demand for this service to increase as more businesses expand along with the economy.


Generally, businesses recruit virtual assistants from organizations near-shore such as Bulgaria, Brazil, or Chile for the European Union countries and the United States respectively. They also recruit virtual assistants from organizations from offshore such as the Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Malaysia, etc.


Virtual assistant businesses are increasing in Bangladesh’s IT sector and have been offering their clients across the globe top-notch services in a variety of fields. Their services are equivalent to and comparable with those of large companies in India and the Philippines, despite the fact that many of these businesses are start-ups.


One of the most popular businesses among them is Technology Aid Ltd., which was established in 2019. For the last 3 years, we have been providing highly professional virtual assistant services. When you choose us, you will get world-class virtual assistant services at a reasonable price.


In order to effectively automate business processes, we offer performance-based and experienced virtual assistant services, which are aligned with technological progress. Our team of specialists is

dedicated to strengthening your business development and reducing your stress. So, what are you thinking about? Contact us now to book an appointment with us.


What Difference Can Virtual Assistants Make?


If you have ever managed the administrative duties of a large, centralized office with a staff of employees, you are already familiar with the challenge of maintaining constant management and supervision of your staff.


When you hire virtual assistants, you don’t need to worry about these tasks and be relaxed as all your administrative duties are handled by skilled and capable workers who have trained their entire lives for this.


Moreover, you can expect imminent development for your commercial organization thanks to the extra time and resources. So, hire a virtual assistants team and experience the top-notch services of experts.


Why Should You Hire a Virtual Assistant Company from Bangladesh?


Below are some of the reasons for selecting a virtual assistant service provider company from Bangladesh over those in competitor countries:


Affordable prices: Without sacrificing quality, virtual assistant pricing in Bangladesh are far lower than those in India, Malaysia, or any other nearshore companies. Simply by opting to hire your virtual assistant from Bangladesh rather than anywhere else, you would be able to save more money.


Better quality service: Since the majority of VA businesses in Bangladesh are still in their primary stages, they are striving to win over clients and deliver top-notch services in order to expand. Startup business owners frequently personally assist in resolving client difficulties, which is frequently missing from other large organizations.


Neutral accents: Compared to virtual assistants from India and the Philippines, the majority of Bangladeshi virtual assistants have more neutral accents. Hiring a virtual assistant from Bangladesh is preferable to hiring one from another country if your virtual assistant will be on the phone a lot and you want someone with neutral accents.

Discover Countless Opportunities With Our Qualified Virtual Assistants


Every virtual assistant on our team has undergone extensive training and testing to reach unimaginable levels of professionalism. Our superior virtual assistant services include:


Virtual Administrative Assistant Task: We have trained our virtual administrative assistants to manage repetitive but important business tasks. Our virtual assistants in the administrative field handle tasks including scheduling meetings, responding to emails, data entry, and other administrative tasks.


Technology Aid Ltd. has a team of top virtual administrative assistant specialists who can assist you with their knowledge and extensive experience.


Project Management Virtual Assistant Services: Managing a complicated project can take a lot of time. Our virtual assistants will help you manage independent contractors and make sure your business reaps the greatest rewards from its initiatives. Our virtual project manager continuously monitors and manages deadlines and progress.


Sales and Marketing Virtual Assistant Services: Any sales or marketing team would benefit greatly from having a virtual assistant. If you want the finest quality and most qualified individuals handling the sales and marketing work of your brand, then hiring our sales and marketing virtual assistant is the best course of action.


Virtual Research Assistant Services: A virtual research assistant is a worker who conducts research on a company’s behalf. Give your web research work to our virtual assistant, and you will get the answers you actively searched for in no time. Our virtual research assistants have many years of experience in performing various kinds of online research.


Social Media VA: Social media is one of the most crucial components of digital marketing nowadays, regardless of the business you are in. Our social media virtual assistant can set up the tools for managing social media. They can also make content, schedule postings, edit content, and reply to customer inquiries.


Accounting and Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant: Our virtual assistants can handle a wide range of tasks, including bookkeeping, accounting, processing monthly invoices, accounts receivable, and personal and

corporate banking. They can also handle quarterly and annual spending reporting, payable management, and reconciliation. Our virtual assistants receive regular, high-quality training to help them compete more successfully in the global marketplace.


Virtual Assistant for Customer Support Services: If you want to increase your client list, you should always be accessible. Our virtual assistants can manage clients across several platforms and deliver excellent results.


At Technology Aid Ltd., our team of experts will assist you in fulfilling all your virtual work remotely. Our virtual assistants work 24/7 to ensure the best services for you. As a result, you can make your business’s services accessible around the clock from any part of the world. If you want to obtain our services, then just click this link.

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